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As a storyteller and creator immersed in a space of love and happily ever afters, I have often lamented that the world would be a better place if we all told more love stories. Social media, political discourse, even family dinner tables… today, more and more of these arenas seem stoked by fear and hate. This message, Love Love; hate hate, asks the viewer to engage in the kind of fearless and outspoken LOVE that is required to extinguish the growing wildfire of hate that permeates so much of contemporary culture.

Those motivated by hate always seem to be just that: motivated. They act on that ill will.

This message, this print, is a call to arms for those who choose love. We must LOVE with the same vigor and energy that others choose to hate. And we must give ourselves permission to antagonize those who seek to poison our communities. Hate has no home here. It will be called out, condemned, and eradicated…

This collaboration between Joe Arden and Letterpress Designer Brad Vetter speaks volumes with a few choice words formatted stunningly. In many ways, Brad’s arrangement and sizing of the words say as much as Joe’s words themselves. 

© Joe Arden X Brad Vetter Design

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